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Case Packers and Packing Systems

Smurfit Kappa’s comprehensive range of Top, Bottom and side Loading Case Packers can handle a diverse arrange of products. Our case packing machines can reduce costs through automation with unrivalled reliability with guaranteed OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and extended warranty.

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  • Case packer with Race Track Infeed System

    Case packer with Race Track Infeed System

    Triple Track Infeed System
    Case packer infeed system designed to collate sachets, flow wraps, cheese, cartons, thermoforms and other small unstable random sized products packed at high speeds.



  • Systems available packing up to 75 cases per minute

    Systems available packing up to 75 cases per minute

    Options Available
    Indexing & continuous motion wraparound and case packer base machine systems available



Product Protection
Flexibility of gripper design ensures a wide range of products can be handled.
Reduced Labour Costs
Automation of intricately packed components
After Sales Support
Support when you need it for the life of your machine.


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Smurfit Kappa’s range of fully automatic case packers lead the market in terms of versatility and flexibility for packing your products into corrugated cardboard packaging.  Whether it’s into a Regular Slotted Container (RSC), also known as an American Box or Fefco 0201, or into die-cut wraparound cases or trays, Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems can tailor an automated case packing machine to your exact requirements.

Our machines for automated cardboard box packing are proven to reduce cost, save labour, minimise packaging and optimise line efficiencies enabling you to gain rapid return on investment.  Labour saving through automatic case packing is a key cost saving driver in most manufacturing organisations across all sectors particularly food, pharmaceutical, health care and industrial sectors.

Smurfit Kappa Machine System’s standard range of wraparound case packers include the System 2300 Flexpacker, the System 2400 and System 3000 Falcon machines.  Each model of case packer has its own unique set of attributes and benefits which allow Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems to tailor our case packing machines to your specific needs by matching a pre-defined pitch of base machine to a tailored product handling infeed.

The different pitch of base machines available allows us to exactly match your box packing needs by having a range of case packer sizes and speeds from which the best automated case packer to meet your packaging specification, including the size range of your outer cases to be packed.

Machine Systems’ wide range of product infeed designs have been built up from over 35 years of experience in handling a wide range of primary products.  Each case packer infeed arrangement is customised to handle your specific product and grouping into the collations and formats required by your business.

Our talented design and engineering departments have gained experience in handling a vast arrange of packaging containers includes glass bottles, glass jars, cans, plastic bottles, asceptic liquid cartons (such as Tetra or Combi Pak cartons), plastic trays, fibre board cartons, skillets and sleeves, pouches, sachets, doy packs, pots, tubs, cups, tins, flow wraps, zip packs and punnets.

Our automated box loading systems integrate the infeed and case packing modules for guaranteed high efficiency output.  Our systems incorporate side load, top load, pick & place, indexing and continuous motion technologies as required by the application.  All our designs for product handling and outer case packing focus on operational excellence in terms of running efficiency; overall equipment effectiveness (OEE); mean time between failure (MTBF); mean time to repair (MTTR); rapid size change; single minute exchange of die (SMED).  Our Engineers follow World Class Manufacturing principles for Lean Manufacturing incorporating 5S and 6 Sigma methodologies.

Our continuous case packing machinery development programme enables us to provide a wide array of standard machine options from automated blank feed direct from the pallet, automatic servo driven size change, tool-less change over, machine footprint options, (inline, left hand, right hand, U Shaped or 90 degree), centralised lubrication, automatic hot-melt pre-feeding, machine condition monitoring, open flap detection, pack rejection, layer card insertion, plastic tray de-nesting, crate loading, tray loading, case stacking, lid application and more.