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Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems’ transducer based Vibration Machinery Condition Monitoring System provides reassurance for Engineering and Production Managers on highly utilised Production Machinery.

Identifies early stages of machine defects – Avoids catastrophic failures – Assured planning of maintenance activities – Saves cost of unnecessary repairs – Evaluates work done.

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  • Take the guess work out of planned maintenance.

    Take the guess work out of planned maintenance.

    Utilises non-contact transducers to measure vibration in rotating or oscillting components of machinery.

    Up to 24 shafts (48 inputs) can be monitored on a single system. Analysed through sophisticated pre-programmed tool.

    Results output to a touch screen user interface.

  • Evaluates work done.

    Evaluates work done.

    Ethernet connectivity allows network access for full database manipulation.

    SQL Database bolt-on for detailed historical analysis.

    E-mail alerts, automated reporting and multiple machine systems all configurable.


  • Intuitive pre-packaged solution.

    Intuitive pre-packaged solution.

    Current status being displayed via a warning beacon.

    Install on double backers, single facers, glue units, cut-off sections and stacker units.

    Pre-packaged solution for ease of roll out across your process critical machinery.


Machinery Protection

“What is Condition Monitoring?”
Condition Monitoring is the collection and trending of parameters which change when machine condition begins to degrade.

Physical characteristics are identified that collectively indicate the current condition of the machine.

Each of these characteristics is measured, analyzed, and recorded so that trends can be recognized.

The goal is to identify changes in the condition of a machine that will indicate some potential failure.

Production Assurance

The solution consists of a controller linked to a series of sensors installed on the critical bearings or shafts which then pass data to an Intelligent Vibration module. The module processes the vibration data using specially developed gSE technology  to allow early detection of rolling element bearing defects such as Unbalance, Miss-alignment or Looseness

The Controller switches sensor inputs in pairs via the Isolated Relays and routes them to the Module for processing, the Logic also allows for different monitoring parameters to be loaded depending on which sensors  are being monitored – i.e. continuously rolling shafts versus indexing or reciprocating levers etc.

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