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Limitronic Full Colour Digital Online Case Printing

Limitag V5 high resolution printer is the fifth evolution of the successful range of online full colour printing solutions from Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems and Limitronic. It uses Seiko technology. High performance, robustness, minimal maintenance and multihead capacity are the main features of the best known industrial hi-res digital printer manufactured by Limitronic.

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  • Full Colour Hi-Resolution Printer

    Full Colour Hi-Resolution Printer

    Full Colour Digital Print  –  Print on Porous Surfaces

    Single Pass Printing  –  Instant Dry on Most Surfaces

    70mm Height Prints 140mm with Double Head

    34 m / min

  • Industrial Grade Controller

    Industrial Grade Controller

    IP65 / Nema 4 Protection  –  15’’ Full Colour Touchscreen

    WYSIWYG Editor Included  –  USB Backup / Firmware

    Ethernet / Webserver  –  Windows™ Printer Driver

    wifi (optional)

  • LED Curing Unit

    LED Curing Unit

    Limitag V5 UV LED high resolution inkjet printer prints on almost any surface thanks to the UV LED technology. It is the fifth evolution of the successful range of print solutions Limitag which are based on Seiko printhead technology.



QR Code Quality

Hi-Resolution QR Code Standards


Best Before Dates & Use by Dates
Real Time Data – Up to 6 Colours
Track & Trace – Batch Codes
Barcodes – UAN/UPC
Gs1 DataMatrix – FT -14
Gs1 QR Code – GS1 Databar












Drop volume



Vertical resolution



Horizontal resolution


LCMYK80 70 mm 512 80 pl 180+ dpi 180 – 960 dpi
LCMYK35 70 mm 512 35 pl 180+ dpi 180 – 960 dpi
LCMYK335 35 mm 256 35 pl 180+ dpi 180 – 960 dpi

Full Colour Digital Online Case Printing

V35 Controller can be connected to any remote system through ethernet and serial ports. Wi-fi option is available under request.

It comes with an integrated webserver for basic remote queries to printer with no need of additional software. Additionally a Limitag Windows driver can be installed on a remote system to print in colour from any Windows based application.

Controller includes a touchscreen colour label editor. An external front panel USB port with IP65 / Nema 4 protection is used to easily manage, backup and restore the layouts and printhead configurations.

Printheads are of Seiko technology including unique features in the high resolution printers like the integrated dampers or shock absorbers. Limitronic offers high resolution printers which need almost zero maintenance thanks to the continuous research and development with the japanese printhead manufacturer during more than 12 years.


Box personalisation and stock reduction

No more preprinted boxes thanks to the just-in-time single pass printing. Limitag V5 LCMYK is the ideal solution for short production of custom products. Colour coding and decoration in only one printer.