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Next Generation Wraparound Case Packers

The System 2400 series of machines are designed to automatically pack a whole range of products up to 30 cases per minute. We then offer the System 3000 continuous motion machines capable of packing up to 75 cases per minute. Our systems are designed specifically to your products and your corrugated shelf ready packaging needs.

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  • Benefits of Wraparound Case Packers

    Benefits of Wraparound Case Packers

    Second Generation Shelf Ready
    Wraparound Case Packing Solutions

    Reduced Packaging Materials
    (helping you smash packaging waste commitments to such schemes as the Courtauld Commitment)

  • Benefits of Wraparound Case Packers

    Benefits of Wraparound Case Packers

    Cutting Edge Technology at our Packaging Design and Development Suite
    Innovation centre at Yate in Bristol

    Reduced Unit Cost
    SKMS Combined material and labour saving solutions

  • Benefits of Wraparound Case Packers

    Benefits of Wraparound Case Packers

    Reduced Labour Cost

    Guaranteed OEE >98%
    overall equipment efficiency

    Increased Sales through Better Brand Visibility

    Improved In-store Labour Efficiencies



  • A low level tray magazine for ease of replenishment
  • Stainless steel construction with full length acrylic guard doors
  • Operates at up to 30 cases per minute
  • Easily adapted to suit customers future requirements
  • Options available include automatic size change, lubrication system.

What Machine Systems can do for you.

Successful Solutions for Your Business

Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems work with customers to develop low cost and effective end-of-line RRP / SRP (Retail Ready Packaging – Shelf Ready Packaging) wraparound case packing solutions. Our customers install systems which have enabled them to gain favour with their customers for over delivering their RRP requirements, smashing their packaging waste commitments, and reducing corrugated cardboard packaging unit costs at the same time.

Quite often we find that legacy RRP / SRP packaging has been developed and modified from simple FEFCO 0201 RSC – American style cases, and then forced to work on simple automated equipment which ensures a battle with packaging and equipment suppliers to solve the problems of dwindling performance and quality.

Working in a combined machinery and corrugated cardboard packaging business we are able to question every assumption including pack design with the explicit intention of getting the best packaging solution for our customers. With a team of over 350 packaging and machinery designers we work through our customer’s brief with an holistic approach on the whole process, enabling us to design a bespoke packaging and machine solution. We are able to investigate all avenues such as pack compression strength and integrity through to palletisation and transit trials, taking into account our customers own supply chain environments.

Our process aims to deliver ROI (Return on Investment) through a combination of labour and packaging savings in the shortest possible time frame. In addition we deliver the additional benefits of up to a 50% packaging weight reduction using a wraparound case and gaining a consistent higher line throughput (OEE) and more consistent quality.

How it all Works?

Utilising simple one piece corrugated cardboard die-cut blanks SKMS fold and hotmelt glue the case around the product at speeds up to 30 cases per minute on our System 2400 indexing machines, and up to 75 cases per minute in our continuous motion System 3000 machines. These systems are capable of erecting a complete range of pack styles including one piece wraparound, low and high walled trays, tray and lid / hood, ledged tray / shoulder and two / three piece packaging. This style eliminates the need for expensive pre-glued RSC or crash lock systems. In addition this pack style increases stacking strength as it can rely on the product for pack integrity ensuring saferpalletisation. This gives our customers greater material savings as you can reduce the board grade as well as using less material.

Working from a blank sheet of paper we can avoid the pit falls and constraints that may blind others to the obvious simple choices. What’s more we understand clearly that your profitability is not gained by buying the cheapest machines or the cheapest packaging but creating the most efficient process, that’s why we put performance guarantees behind our systems as we’re confident that we can deliver the results you need.