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Shelf Ready Packaging & Retail Ready Packaging – Machinery

Retail ready packaging (RRP) and shelf ready packaging (SRP) have been developed to provide a smooth transition of products from case to shelf in one easy process rather than decanting individual units from a traditional case to shelf. SRP is designed to mainly consider shelf replenishment requirements. With RRP we consider the whole process with a holistic approach to the whole supply chain. Protecting your product while transporting through your supply chain ensures it arrive to your customers in pristine condition to enable customer interaction with the product whilst on shelf.

Multiple Packaging Solutions Accommodated for on System 2400

RRP taking into consideration the 5 Easy’ s

Easy to identify – clearly printed enabling store personnel to quickly find the product
Easy to open – easily opened in-store but robust enough to endure the supply chain
Easy to merchandise – simple shelf replenishment and optimisation of shelf space
Easy to shop – consumers can easily identify the product
Easy to dispose – uses minimum material and can be recycled

Shelf Ready Pack and Solutions Video

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